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On this page you will find the current learning activities available for Transition Year students. Some activities can also be adapted to secondary students from other years, especially 3rd and 5th years. Please get in touch to learn more about these opportunities.

All activities will be delivered in the school, using the school’s own equipment, which includes:

– Computer Desktops or Laptops or Tablets

– Wifi internet connection

– Projector

And that’s all!

In some cases we will need some software to be installed on computers or apps to be downloaded on tablets, but all of them are free. Also, in other cases we might need some extra equipment (which will be supplied by us), but the idea is to make the most of the devices and structure already available in the school so that similar activities can be easily carried out by other teachers.

Scroll down and click on the best options for you and your students

Transition Year

Fighting Disinformation and Fake News

Short Course – 16 hours

A Media Literacy short course to develop in students the ability to make sense of media messages, fight fake news and have a safer and more meaningful experience with digital media.

Digital Video production in the Classroom

Workshop – 4 hours

Students love to create and watch videos, and this workshop will explore some of the main techniques to tell a story with video using different modes of communication

Spotting Fake News on Digital Media Platforms

Workshop – 4 hours

A shorter version of the Short Course on Disinformation and Fake News to teach students the basic skills to avoid being deceived and manipulate online.

Photo Stories

Workshop – 4 hours

Photographs are part of young people’s everyday lives, and it is important that they learn how to both express themselves and interpret information through image.

Information Literacy

Workshop – 4 hours

There’s a lot of information out there, but in order to transform information into knowledge, young people need to learn how to access, evaluate, interpret and use it appropriately.


Workshop – 4 hours

We are constantly bombarded with ads coming in various formats from different sources. This workshop will explore the main techniques used by companies to sell their products/services.

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