The Communicative Classroom

The new digital technologies are increasingly changing the way teachers deliver their content in the classroom. One of the most important aspects is that digital media allow teachers to use a combination of many different modes of communication to deliver their content, such as writing, speech, image, sound and video. In this workshop we will explore how the use of these semiotic resources in the classroom has transformed teachers into designers of content, and how this can benefit the learning experience as a whole.

Digital media that teachers will create: website

Learning Outcomes

Participants will be able to:

  • Understand how different modes of communication convey different meanings, and how the very concept of literacy is changing because of that;
  • Analyse their teaching experience from a designer point of view, and discuss how different meaning-making resources can be applied in the classroom;
  • Plan, design and create a learning website using the elements discussed during the workshop.

Hours: 3

Number of participants: Min. 9 / Max. 16

Fee: 27 euros per participant

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