On this page you will find the current learning activities available for secondary teachers.

All activities will be delivered in the school, using the school’s own equipment, which includes:

– Computer Desktops or Laptops or Tablets

– Wifi internet connection

– Projector

And that’s all!

In some cases we will need some software to be installed on computers or apps to be downloaded on tablets, but all of them are free.

Scroll down and click on the best options for you


The communicative classroom

Workshop – 3 hours

With the advent of new digital technologies, teachers now are not only facilitators of learning, but also designers of digital content.


Tablets – Teaching with video

Workshop – 3 hours

Tablets offer a great opportunity for teachers to use video in the classroom, and this can be done in different ways and for different purposes.


Information Literacy in the Classroom

Workshop – 4 hours

Students research online to find information for their school tasks, and teachers must support them in this increasingly tricky task.

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