Spotting Fake News on Digital Media Platforms

This workshop is a shorter version of the Short Course on Disinformation and Fake News. In this activity we are going to explore the main features of the current online environment, discussing how they influence the way we think and behave. Participants will have the chance to analyse news, play an online game to learn how fake news are created and reflect on some of the main techniques used by fake news’ creators to draw our attention and spread disinformation.

Digital media that students will create: Website

Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to:

  • Make sense of the difference between informationand knowledge, and between facts and interpretation;
  • Research, find, evaluate and use online information appropriately;
  • Analyse their own bias and personal preferences when producing and consuming media messages;
  • Understand how fake news are created and spread;
  • Improve their communicative, semiotic and design skills to create a website.

Hours: 4

Number of participants: Min. 12 / Max. 24

Fee: please contact us here for pricing and availability

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