Information Literacy in the Classroom

It has become part of students’ lives the search for online information to carry out tasks in the classroom. The quality of students’ work is highly dependent on the quality of information they collect online, especially using search engines such as Google or Yahoo. Teachers now play an important role in making sure their pupils follow certain steps in order to avoid being deceived by malicious sources and to use the information they collect appropriately. In this workshop we will explore some simple but important ideas that teachers can use to help students in this task.

Digital media that teachers will create: online journal

Learning Outcomes

Participants will be able to:

  • Understand the main benefits and problems involved in online research;
  • Engage in research practices to improve students’ online experience;
  • Plan, design and create an online journal reflecting on the best practices of information literacy.

Hours: 3

Number of participants: Min. 9 / Max. 16

Fee: 27 euros per participant

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