Media Literacy webinars by IREX

Learn to Discern (L2D) webinars for teachers

This December, IREX will offer three digital media literacy workshops for educators through the Learn to Discern programme. The idea is to help teachers understand the basics of digital media education in order to address this topic in the classroom. The focus will be on information and news literacy, where teachers will learn best practices in finding, evaluating, synthesising and using the information they find online, especially on social media platforms and search engines, such as Google. You can find more information here.

December 5th: “Introduction to Digital Media Literacy (and Why Your Students Need It)”

December 12th: “Verification 1.0: How to Help Students Make Sense of What They Read”

December 19th: “Verification 2.0: Is Seeing Believing? How to Verify Images in the Age of Fakes”

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